The LaShiva chapter has come to an end...

For those already  been in my presence, you have experienced the energetic magick and have awakened the dormant fire that lies deep within you.
You are not the same as you were before.
Have faith in your authentic truth!

When you grow, I grow and vice versa.
A glimpse of my potential has been  revealed and it is gorgeous and powerful.
Have you ever felt that fire in your chest you are ready for more?!
My time has come to explore my genius and my deepest truth.
Without, there is no option to live an authentic life...

I will continue my transformational journey globally serving only those who are fully committed and willing to do the work.
It requires trust, deep inner work and authenticity.
It requires for you to say "YES" to becoming more connected, more aligned, more yourself...

If you only feel comfortable tipping your toe in the water instead of jumping in then don't expect BIG breakthroughs to happen.

Working with me while I guide you, teach you and hold you accountable along the way will require an emotional, financial and time investment.

It's time to awaken your authentic, powerful self.