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“If you have been feeling stressed out lately, then you too can experience my amazing and unique work with instant results right now, even if you have never tried it you are in the best hands…”
by Rana

You are about to experience proven, professional and effective tantric techniques that will bring you in a relaxed, energized state of bliss… Learn below how to work with me


LaShiva welcomes all serious gentlemen, women goddesses and conscious couples to explore the tantra sessions which involve talk therapy, coaching, meditation, somatic breathing, sexological bodywork,...

This is for you if:

- You are a stressed out busy entrepreneur with a cluttered mind
- You got chronic pain and nothing seems to help
- You are a woman willing to explore her true beautiful self
- You are a man open to explore his feminine energy and get vulnerable in the safe process
- You are a couple seeking true intimacy in a sacred relationship
- Explore powerful sexual energy
- You value and respect the service and expertise offered by a trusted tantra practitioner


- Instantly calm your mind
- Your body is deeply relaxed yet you feel refreshed and energized
- Boost your creativity and mind power (Hello Entrepreneurs!)
- Feel a strong connection with your body, heart and sexuality
- Improve your relationship with yourself and others
- Ride the wave of tantric ecstatic bliss
- No awkward surprises - All your sessions are with the same practitioner who knows you
and guides you to relax, grow and go deeper into tantric energy healing
- Improve your sleep pattern
- Escape from the daily madness in your personal tantric cocoon

Excited to work with me? Learn how

1. Schedule an online or in person meeting with me and let's talk about if and how I can help you.

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2. Learn about the Essentials Package which will provide you the coaching and building blocks for your deep tantric experience

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3. Dive even deeper and get access to tantric and somatic sexological bodywork, such as dearmoring, ecstatic energy orgasm,...

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it was a beautiful and deep session !

I was totally block the day after because of my spine problem I had when I came to you but 2 days after it disappeared totally and I am sure it is because of your energy that rebalanced mine.

I started to feel my energy changing 3 days after the session and I feel clearer in my mind now. So I will let my energy to continue to work naturally for 1 or 2 weeks and I would come back to you again if you are not in holidays..


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LaShiva Mind & Body Bruxelles est votre partenaire dévoué pour les hommes qui cherchent à retrouver la clarté mentale, un sens plus profond de la conscience et des flux intenses Kundalini. continuer


Demandez une session. LaShiva holistic tantra massage tantrique est situe entre Montgomery, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt et Avenue Louise, a proximité de tout les ambassades et consulats, Ter Cambre. Parking aisé Avenue Emile Duray.

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