7 Habits of Successful People Who Have Achieved Work-Life Balance

Work-Life balance may seem like an impossible dream, but in reality it is something that you have to work hard at to achieve. When you decide that you need a job that works alongside your home life, you never fully understand how difficult that can be until you start trying. Those who have successfully achieved a true work-life balance work hard on a daily basis to continue this success. Here are 7 of their habits that may help you achieve yours.

1) Set Aside Time For Your Family, Friends, and Important Interests

This may seem like a no brainer when creating a work-life balance but when we ‘set aside time’ we are looking at where we have time in our busy schedule to be with friends and family. Instead, actually set some time aside in the day to work on your hobbies or hang out with friends and family. This should be planned so you create a schedule to finish your work. Start by always sharing breakfast with your family and then pick a few days a week where a few hours a day is spent on your social life.

2) Turn Off All Distractions

Since you are already scheduling time with family and friends, you must also ensure that your work schedule is uninterrupted. Distractions are what makes work longer and frustrating. Something that should take you 2 hours can take days if you allow distractions to override your work duties. Put your phone away, don’t look at the internet, and set your office to ‘away’ so you are not disturbed. Even for a few hours, this makes a huge difference in getting your work done and you will have more time at home.

3) Have Goals That Align With Your Passion

Setting realistic goals to achieve your work-life balance is what actually helps you to get it. This could be as simple as working overtime in the beginning to set up a system that will be flawless in the future, and then after a while things run smoothly and you have more time away from work. If you know you like to travel, set goals where your job assists you in travelling or it allows you enough time away from work that you can travel the world.

4) Spend 15 Minutes Every Day Improving Your Expertise

You may already be an expert at accounting, but realistically you could always learn more. If you spend 15 minutes a day reading articles and websites or study guides to improve your knowledge, work becomes easier and you will spend less time researching frantically. Athletes practice all the time to improve and so should you!

5) Develop A Strong Support Network

Balance in life is like balance in everything, and you can’t achieve balance without something (or someone) to lean on. Developing a support network will help you get through difficult times you couldn’t do alone because they will be your crutch when needed and help you with new thoughts and ideas.

6) Set Your Own Parameters Around Success

Success is different to every single person. Comparing yourself to someone else is a dangerous road to cross because you may not have everything they did. Of course you should aim high but setting parameters to your success will help you achieve your goals quicker and therefore setting higher ones after that is just another step in your success.

7) Make Deliberate Choices About What You Want In Life

Do not assume that life just happens and it is what it is because at the end of the day if you don’t work for what you want in life, it will never happen. Make your choice about what you want in your life and how you want to spend your time and then set your goals to achieve it.

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