7 chakras of the body

What are Chakras?

In reality, there is not one, but seven chakras. These are according to the beliefs, located on the spine of man. What is their real meaning and what should we know about tantric massage?

The 7 chakras

By definition, the word chakra means an object having the shape of a disc. It is a Sanskrit word which once allowed to designate the sun. Today the word is used to refer to spiritual centers or points of energy in the cosmic. Ancient Indian beliefs believe that the human body is littered with these points, which allow it to regulate the flow of energy that circulates within it. We according to them, 7 Chakras which are located in the spine: the root chakra, chakra sex, solar plexus chakra, that of the heart, the thymus, the throat, the third eye one of the crown. These 7 points each have their roles, as they are connected to the glands and nerves in our body. Our mood, our behavior and our thoughts are managed by these chakras. Despite this, these energy points are not physical and we can not see, much less touch them. They are in our consciousness, that’s why we can control them. This is what usually happens during the tantric massage.

Chakras and tantric massage

Our Chakras or energy points are important in tantric massage. Indeed, this type of massage is directly involved in sensory awareness. Different areas of the human body are affected to arouse sensory issues and thus enable the body to relax and free themselves. These sensory points are located between the perineum and the fontanel. In addition to touching, as the masseuse performs gentle pressure and small movements in energy points. The purpose of these small pressure is to drain energy from one point to another. In principle, it releases energy, starting from the lower body to the upper portion. The session is part massaged feels when the energy is released in her womb and that it is through his chest, then his throat and head. At this point, it no longer controls his body that starts to spin and vibrate to the muscles.


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