Massage therapy for men

Massage for men in Brussels

Massage is a relaxation technique practiced for millennia in the four corners of the globe. Women are the most fervent supporters of the practice while the latter is also highly recommended for men.

Massage benefits

Both men and women suffer every day pressures: at work, at home or on the streets. There is therefore no valid reason for men to deprive themselves of the various benefits of massage by saying that it is a practice predisposed to satisfy women. There is nothing better than a massage after a hard day of work to put right and regain physical and mental well-being. In fact, massage can both stimulate and soothe the body and even restore the spirit. By engaging in this practice regularly: blood flows better, muscles and joints are stimulated, toxins are quickly eliminated by the body, energy is renewed more quickly and the body is more relaxed than ever.
Furthermore, regular renewal sessions also helps to optimize the sensitivity, managing stress, controlling negative thoughts and with time and the will, to meditate on spirituality. Many people believe that massages are made only for women because it is a sensual practice. In fact, men also need to develop their sensuality. Being sensual is nothing perverse because it is simply knowing awaken the senses. By definition, sensuality means the attachment to sensual pleasures. This is a considerable advantage, both in the social, personal and professional. When the senses are more developed, the person is more open to the world around him. The body, soul and mind are in perfect harmony.

The different types of massage

All types of massage suitable to men, but the most recommended are the tantric massage and quantum touches. Indeed, these practices can restore the mind, body and soul. They act much more psychically and physically even if they are based on the touches. The goal is to relax, to escape and regain wellness. Slight pressure and slight movements are performed on the body, especially on sensitive and private parts. Through the touches, the kneading and light pressure on different parts of the body, the masseuse evacuated all the stress contained by it. The massaged does not even realize what is happening to his body as the movements are performed in rapid succession.
Tantric massages and quantum touches are ideal for managers, entrepreneurs and people who travel a lot. These people are continuously exposed to stress and pressure. Therefore, a moment of escape from time to time allow them to stay efficient in their activities. These practices are conducted in privacy, to two and lulled by the gentle and sensual music. The masseuse massaged and are one and they exchange their energies. While the practices can be performed at home. Tantric massages and quantum touches require special expertise. They generally require the patient hypnosis before the beginning of the session. At least, it should be in such a state of mind that he could open his own chakra to his masseuse.


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