Meet Rana, Tantra practitioner and wellness massage therapist

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Meet Rana

Rana is a licensed massage therapist, tantra practitioner  and founder of LaShiva Mind & Body Massage, creative person, mompreneur, animal rights advocate and interested in self development, knowledge and spirituality.

The journey

The golden rule in life is to pursue a career in something that you like.
After a few small business ventures, I stepped into the world of wellness.
So I followed several massage courses to obtain a professional degree. This felt right for me and I had been told my hands were magical…

With this massage background I started to research deeper into spa and massage trends and I came to learn about tantric massage.
And this is where it all started…
I thought there must be more choice for today’s men then to go to a women’s beauty parlor or an erotic/sex massage service!
What about men who like to be pampered with a clear mind, get in tune with their body and experience the full potential of a professional massage session?
So I created LaShiva, a place for men to get in touch with their feminine side though sensual, healing touch.

With more knowledge comes more ideas, that is why over the years LaShiva has evolved to something more pure, energetic and addictive.
Is the goal reached?
LaShiva want to reach as many men as possible showing them what is possible by tuning in during a tantric massage session and
why your first or only option shouldn’t always be erotic massage.
As our loyal clients know there is always something new launching.

I guess the possibilities are endless and as long as I am growing in this process and in life, LaShiva Mind & Body Massage will also grow and develop into its fullest potential.
For now let us just be in this moment, it’s amazing!

Educational Background

  • Wellness massage
  • Relaxing massage
  • Massage therapist (Syntra)
  • Swedish massage
  • Chinese head massage
  • Balinese massage
  • Tantric training, workshops
  • Personal research and education
  • More to come…


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