Why do men want to have a massage?

Reasons why men want to have a massage

What makes you pick up your phone and search for a massage session in your area?

Compared to most Asian cultures where massage and bodily touch is incorporated in the daily life, we as Western countries are still a bit reserved when it comes to massage and being touched by another person.
We could say there is even a difference among women and men how they perceive a massage experience.
Women might opt for massage to purely relax, to lose weight or to work on those cellulite problem areas.
why men want a massage
And what about men? What makes you think you need a massage today?
Do you browse the internet? Look for ads in a paper? Ask your friends?
Do you wait till your back pain gets to much to handle, or when your in a stress full period, you travel a lot or perhaps you are lonely?
If you are well organised and got your weekly massage session scheduled already I can only give you the thumbs up!
Massage can be done for all kinds of reasons.

Share with me what is your favorite massage and why just can’t live without it.