YOU accessing your FULL potential NOW!

How would you feel if you could surrender in a safe place to explore challenges and emotions that are keeping you feeling stuck.

How would you show up knowing you got loving, judgment free support, accountability along your deep dive journey.

Imagine living from your authentic self in every situation in your life, business, relationships, family...

Everything you will learn and experience is for you to take home and out into the world

Sexual Confidence Online Program

You lack the tools to show up confident in the bedroom or you feel something is holding you back from stepping into true masculine essence.

This might be for you!
3 month online program for men to master sexual confidence, clarity and inner power.

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1:1 In Person

I support busy, heart centered executives to live a more fulfilled and happy life by accessing their true values and desires so that they can feel empowered, confident and authentic in the workspace, in their intimate love life and with their family.
3 month commitment
Limited spots

Luxurious VIP Day

Transformation is all about you saying YES to what you deserve!
Allow yourself this luxury and join me for a breakthrough coaching day with a delicious lunch in top cities like Brussels, Paris, Monaco, London,...
Available for individuals and couples.

"I use your guided audio meditation almost every day, so always sort of feel you about in the air (at least through my ears) haha. It has helped me so much. I am sure you have already received a lot of great feedback for it. Just wanted to write to you and say I really appreciate everything you helped me with. The sessions you shared with me have been some of the most life-changing and definitive experiences I have had in the last years. Really turned my whole attitude around. Was on a super low when I first met you and even after the first session I positively felt it as a spiritually magnifying moment."
"What a wonderful experience. From THE First Second Rana provides a wonderful, respectful and calm environment. The words and her touch are wonderful and go very deep - I enjoyed the time very much and never had such long lasting relaxation even after the session ... Still feel 'a bit high' thank you very much & for sure not my last time ...."

The Safe Zone - Monthly Online Support

>>Next enrollment 1 December

Welcome to the Safe Zone, your private support coaching hub.
What you need most sometimes is simply someone to open up to without reservations.
This safe and understanding place has been highly valuable to most of my clients.
Therefore I am opening a few places in my schedule for supportive coaching calls.

In the Safe Zone you will:
Get a clear picture what you are struggling with, what to focus on AND an action plan to make shifts happen.
Simple techniques you can implement immediately
Have a mentor who will listen to you and support you without judgment

The Safe Zone monthly coaching includes:
- A simple assessment for you to fill out, this will give valuable information about what we should focus on and set up an appropriate action plan.
- 2 40 minute online calls, where we will go through your biggest challenges and how they are impacting your life. 
- 2 emergency emails answered within 24 hrs to offer you support and accountability.
We’ll talk through how you are feeling and how you did on implementing your action steps.
We’ll also check in to discuss any challenges that occurred.
And the best part of having support is to guide you to keep moving forward.

Limited Places Available

Ready to get started? Here's how:


€300 euro / month (cancel anytime)

779 euro / 3 months (includes monthly group calls)

1. Click the “I Am Ready” button to submit your payment.
2.Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your instructions on how to get started.
3. You’ll work through the assessment, giving me a clear and honest view of what is going on for you right now.
4. Once the assessment is completed, we’ll set up our calls.
Safe Zone Monthly coaching is limited to 10 candidates!

If you have any questions about this program email me


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The information she provides is based on years of research, trainings and personal experience.

All coaching packages are non-refundable and the payments are due as specified.
Rana guarantees the quality of her work, but cannot directly control all outcomes.

NO guarantees
My role is to support and assist you to reach your goals, but your success and outcome depends solely on your own effort, motivation, implementation, commitment and follow-through.
Any testimonials used represent the best results of my work, you understand and accept that results will vary for each individual.